ACS – 60

This entry level High-Speed Carbide Circular Saw machine has a robust construction and consumes less power. Best for Industrial use to cut all alloy steel range 10~60mm in diameter.

ACS – 80

The premium quality Heavy Duty High-Speed Carbide Circular Saw machine with high level of automation, suitable for heavy industries to cut all alloy steel ranging between 15~80mm in diameter.

ACS – 100

We are working hard to develop New Model ACS – 100 with many more extended features & design

High Technology

Our HIgh-Speed Metal Cutting Saw cutting machines are equipped with intelligent Servo motors and advance level PLC controller.

High Quality

Our products are delivered on high standards. Parts are thoroughly tested during and after assembling of machine.

High Efficiency

Our machines deliver greater efficiency on tool life and consume less power. Utmost care is taken during designing to control vibrations and to increase rigidity of machine to provide efficient solutions to customer.

High Speed

When it comes to Cutting, our machine runs at great speed and maintains higher cutting accuracy. Compared to Bandsaw machine, our machine is 5 times faster in cutting any type of alloy steel.

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Cut to Length Technology

Advanced PLC Controller
Servo Motors
Precision Ground Ball-Screw
Easy Human Machine Interface
Auto Loading Magazine Table
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